Next generation of switchable LCD
Privacy glass products…

Introducing Switchable HD Technology - Switchable glass that outperforms all others on the market in terms of longevity and clarity.

The key to how Switchable HD works is not our LCD film, which is already market leading in regards to size and lifespan, but the control box. Designed completely in-house, the new control box has been created using our years of experience in switchable glass technology and also analysing feedback from our existing customers.

In fact many of the new features on this box have never been seen in the switchable glass market before, something which ESG are confident will not only keep us in front of our competitors but also has led us to patent* this new feature packed controller.

In addition to all of these features, the new control box is fully CE certified, which makes it the only product of its type currently on the market to hold this full certification.

Our new controller operates on our own internally created software and has features such as; 'LCD Preservation' and 'LCD Film Protection' which have been designed to prolong the life of the film and prevent it from being over driven should there ever be an electrical problem such as a spike. FRQ synchronisation and variable output levels which are self monitoring are a few of the other unique features of the box.

Both of these ensure that glass is always switched to its optimum levels for the surrounding light conditions, and that the clarity of the glass is always at optimum levels.

In recent tests, 98% of people said that colours and images were much sharper and vivid when viewed through LCD privacy panels powered by an ESG Switchable™ HD control box over other standard industry used controllers.

All of the new products that make up ESG's next generation of switchable LCD privacy glass, will be powered using this new controller. This ensures that our switchable products are easier to install, looks better and most importantly perform better than ever before.

*patent pending.