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Enhancing Interior Lighting to the Next Level

Over the past 5 years, the two most influential materials used in interior design have been glass and LED lighting.

Glass is a product that interior designers are embracing due to its versatility allowing for greater innovation in design. Glass can make a small room feel big simply by allowing for maximum light transmission, yet still offer the acoustic deadening of conventional walls.

New manufacturing techniques means glass can be made stronger than ever before, in shapes that combine form and function. Lighting features within a room can also make (or break) the atmosphere in a room. With people using a wider variety of lights and their positions - LED's have shown to be the most versatile lighting product on the market. Their size allows them to be hidden allowing people to be more creative than ever creating subtle effects and colours and colour changing options allow for a rooms mood to be completely transformed.

The integration of LEDs into ESG glass allows for interior lighting to be enhanced to the next level.

ESG Optic is a fully bespoke product which allows you to choose just how many LEDS you have embedded into your glass and also what colours. It allows for your glass to be a singular subtle lighting source in a room, or be the perfect addition to any room lighting experience. The LED within the panels can also be programmed to display and scroll bespoke patterns even words and logos. The limit as to what can be displayed lies only with the user.

ESG Optic is the new way to enhance any interior environment.