Next generation of switchable LCD
Privacy glass products…

Introducing Switchable LCD Blind Technology

Based on our hugely successful ESG Switchable™ the shutter range of glass is available in the same panel sizes as our standard range of switchable glass with slates a maximum of 100mm in height. Created at our state of the art manufacturing plant, the blinds are controlled using our own internally designed software.

When switched from clear to opaque the blinds smoothly switch one at a time from the bottom of the panel upwards, and then vice versa when the blinds are switched clear.

Just like a conventional blind, the shutter range can also be used as a partial blind. It can be programmed to switch only the 50% at the top of the panel, giving the appearance of a blind half closed. Also the shutter range can switch every other panel working from top to bottom which allows light in, just as a fully drawn blind that was angled to be open.

With no mechanical parts to break it is the perfect alternative to integrated blinds, and no materials to harbour dirt and germs it is the ideal product for 21st century interior design.

This range is powered by our new fully redesigned and patented* control box. The new ESG Switchable™ HD box is designed to make installation easier with its colour coded plug and play wiring system and is fully CE Certified. It comes with a host of new features, such as LCD Preservation mode, LCD Film Protection circuitry and FRQ synchronisation; these features are unique to the ESG Switchable™ controller, and can be found across their entire next generation switchable glass range.